The Human Values Wheel.

Speaking of the evils of our World Sathya Sai Baba has said.
Nations are arming wildly and breeding hatred... Man has reduced himself to the status of a wild beast... The spark that arises in the individual mind has spread a world-wide conflagration of hate and greed. This has to be scotched in the individual, the family, the village, the city, the nation; in fact, wherever it raises its head. Man is suffering because he is not aware of the treasure he has in himself. Like a beggar ignorant of the millions hidden under the floor of his hovel, he is suffering dire misery. 
“Four firemen are capable of putting out the world conflagration:
Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Divine Love.Nothing else can do it. 
“Truth; it is that intellectual clarity which enables us to see beyond all the shams, falsities, illusions, right to the heart of things. Through Truth we know the Truth of our own being, of God, and of the universe. 
“Right Conduct is the spiritual Law of Living.It is the executive power of carrying out Truth, the basic Truth, in the circumstances under which we are placed. Sometimes Correct Living will demand that we act one way, sometimes the opposite way, but in each case it will be in accordance with the unalterable, immortal law of spirit. 
“Through Correct Living we live the Truth; Correct Living is Truth in action. 
Peace is the great Peace that comes to all through Truth and Correct Living, through knowing and living the truth. It is that 
"peace that passeth understanding, abiding in the hearts of those who live in the eternal". 
Divine Love is the Divine Love, which in all the great religions is named as the highest expression of God on earth. Christ said that God is love and that we must love our neighbours as ourselves. The Eternal Right Conduct gives the reason for this: that through our real selves, the Soul, we are actually one with each other, with all men, and with God. 
Defining this Divine Love, which flows constantly from God, and that all men are capable of feeling for one another, Sai Baba says:
It is sustained in bad times as well as in good. It is not like the pepper or salt with which you flavour your dishes; it is the very bread and butter, the essential substance itself. It is an unchanging attitude, a desirable bent of the mind, standing steady through joy and grief."

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