Unity in Diversity

During a visit to Westbury town centre on Saturday 16th August, West Wilts UKIP candidate Matthew Brown and his team gave their support to the Peace Wheel project.
The Peace Wheel project was founded in 2004, and launched by The Lord Mayor of Westminster. Since that time it has featured in community festivals to promote Human Values : Love, Peace, Truth, Right Conduct and Non Violence.
The project founder Alexander Prowse said ‘ It’s fun,lots of people come to be photographed with The Peace Wheel, they are then featured on the website.
I call the participants “ witnesses” .Witnessing for Peace in our world.
Incorporation of Human Values into all aspects of life will ultimately lead to a happy, peaceful, just and sustainable world.
The Peace Wheel has ben invited along to the UKIP open meeting taking place at The Leigh Park Community Centre on Wednesday 20th August.

Westbury Ukip SWWiltshire is running with the Peace Wheel I am impressed that the UKIP organisation in Wiltshire have been so supportive of the Peace Wheel.
It is so encouraging that all the party members I have spoken to have supported this project.
Thumbs up for Human Values.